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Use the map below to browse tri-agency (NASA, NOAA & NSF) climate education projects, or use the search filter on the left to find educational resources narrowed by selected criteria

Browse the Map: Find projects in your local area using the map below. Each marker on the map represents an organization's funder. Some locations have multiple projects, so zoom in to explore. Click on a marker to view details about a project hosted in that location. Color coding is as follows: red circles - NASA, blue triangles - NOAA, green squares - NSF.

Filter Your Search: Expand the search filters in the left-hand column and select your search criteria. When you filter, the map will update to show you relevant locations. You can filter by product type, target audience, grade level (where applicable), funding agency, and/or geographical region, or any combination. At the bottom of the page, you will find your search results. Click on a result to learn more about each product and the project that developed it.

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Scroll down to see all search results. Click on the product name for each search result to find more detail about the product or resource and the project that developed it.